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Forget Negative PR, Windows 8 Is A Beast

At first I was skeptical, I had read the rant on the internet and the entire conclusion was that Windows 8 was an epic failure, a massive flop. I tried not believing all of it and I tried also not jump into the Windows 8 ship. The scar that Windows Vista left was still very fresh in my memory.

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Eventually I braced up and decided to try the OS, I got a new hp laptop with the baby pre-installed, I quickly ran the complete installation and in few minutes Windows 8 was right in front of my eyes. It was quite different; lovely interface, the tiles, the brilliant colors. Everything was just perfect. My only problem encountered was when I decided to shut-down for the first time. I hit the Windows key, scramming for Shut-down. It was really annoying as I didn’t find it, it made me look like a complete junk. Where the “F” is the shut-down icon? I screamed. After few minutes I finally found it. It was really amazing how long it took me to decipher, but it was worth every time spent.

Tip: How to restore Windows 8 Start Menu

There was never a time where humanity loved change, especially when it relates to something they love and are accustomed to. All previous versions of Windows OS were similar with the Start icon visible on the screen. Alot of people even forget that the Start menu can be accessed with the keyboard. It’s hard to imagine that you turn on PC and that icon; the Start menu no longer exists. I know the feelings, I was once there and I can say that it’s not as bad as worse.

Windows 8 is a massive leap from the conventional Windows operating system. Microsoft did an incredible job. It was built with the touch screen technology at the back of their mind, but it works just perfect with your conventional PC’s. With one click and one key; the Windows key, you get to see all the stuffs you have installed in your PC beautifully arranged in tiles. It is unbelievably fast and fun to work with. Battery last even better, meaning Windows 8 consumes less PC resources. Booting your PC works like a charm. In few seconds you are greeted with the welcome screen. What else would you ask for?

Microsoft didn’t get the warm reception they had hoped for, Windows 8 sales was pretty pathetic in the first 3-months, but statistics shows that doom have turned to gloom. Over 100 million people have installed Windows 8. I can’t say any further but to say; Windows 8 is the future!

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So, what do you think?

  • Clarke

    Great article, I have been using Win 8 for 2-weeks now and it is the best thing that has happened to my PC. This time, Microsoft put alot of tech pundits to shame.

  • Anonymous

    okay but why is Windows 8 a beast and a massive leap? Because that's why I clicked the article but you're telling me nothing here. All I'm reading here is pure hyperbole.

  • Anonymous

    Your entire articles equates to:
    Tiles are great!
    Grrrr…where's the shutdown button? Oh there it is…that was worth my time!
    Humans don't like change.
    It starts up in a few seconds.
    It saves on battery resources.
    Did I mention, tiles are great!
    The latest version of windows is the future.

  • Nosa E Nosa

    Your comment is hilarious, Alot of things makes Windows 8 great and the truth is that a lot of people screaming; Windows 8 is bad have never even tried the OS.

  • Jeff Aer

    I tried it, not only that, I tried to like it. I tried to convince myself it was just me who was wrong about having an unconfortable experience with W8. But after some time, I had to face the facts, I have a desktop, and for desktops, w8 brings nothing useful to the table. So I went back to W7. I might return to W8 if WBlue is any good.

  • Red Dotter

    Like window 8 this article doesn't deliver.

  • Anon

    wait….so windows 8 is a beast because they moved the shut down option to a different location?

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