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Yahoo To Dump 12 Services By September

Marissa Mayer and her team will shut down 12 Yahoo services in further attempts to restructure the company. The final service will be terminated on September 28. These services have become redundant over the years and added extra resources to Yahoo, which is clearly against the vision and direction of a modern Yahoo that is cohesive.

Yahoo to kill 12 services

Three of the services were shutdown yesterday, June 29th and they include Yahoo Axis, Citizen Sport and Yahoo Browser Plus. In each case, users are supplied with an alternative. Users using Citizen Sports were directed to Yahoo Sport while Yahoo Axis has stopped its usual updates.

Today, Yahoo WebPlayer will join the list of services no longer wanted by Yahoo. All users have been advised to remove the player code from their websites. July 1st, FoxyTunes and RSS Alerts would get the hammer. FoxyTunes gets Yahoo Music alternative while RSS Alerts would be replaced by Keyword News subscriptions.

Yahoo to kill 12 services

Yahoo acquired Alta Vista for its database and algorithm but it soon became redundant. Yahoo Search is an instant alternative and users would be redirected automatically. Yahoo Neighbors Beta would also be shut down and replace with Yahoo Local Search. Start India would be shutdown also and replaced by India OMG! Downloads Beta will be eliminated also. Yahoo Product download will replace Downloads Beta.

And then, there is a break in August. In September the final two services will cease to exist. Yahoo Local API and Term Extraction API will be replaced with access via YQL. If you use any of these API’s, Yahoo says you have to migrate before September 28.

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