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Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date

If you think the Samsung Galaxy S4 is a monster smartphone, then you will have to hold your breath as the new Samsung Galaxy S5 will completely drop your jaw.  The Samsung Galaxy S4 is already in a position where it can claim the title of the best smartphone in 2013.The Galaxy S4 has been accompanied with two exciting variant; the Galaxy S4 Active and the Galaxy S4 mini which is both water-resistant and dust-resistant.

Samsung Galaxy Release date

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Unconfirmed sources, rumors and speculations flying like wild-fires claims the Samsung Galaxy S5 would come with a fantastic 3D camera, flexible display which will house an incredible fingerprint scanning. That’s unbelievable feat being stacked in one gadget, but it’s Samsung we are talking about here. The South-Korean company has really pushed the boundaries of technology to a whole new level, and they are not stopping; from great display screen and powerful processing chips, it would be really great to see how the Samsung Galaxy S5 is finally built.

While you might want to get this device right now, it is very unlikely we will see the Samsung Galaxy S5 anytime in 2013. Samsung, like other valuable technology companies like Apple, Sony and Google seem to follow a annual routine release cycle for their flagship products. This way, the company has enough time to collect and analyze feedback from the previous version and make necessary improvements.

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Now, if we direct our mind to when the original Samsung Galaxy S was launched in June of 2010, every other iteration of the hotly anticipated smartphone has had a yearly interval before hitting the store-shelves.

  •    Galaxy S June 2010
  •    Galaxy S II May 2011
  •    Galaxy S III May 2012
  •    Galaxy S IV April 2013
  •    Galaxy S V April 2014

If we are to go with historic launch dates above, then it wouldn’t be too hard to decipher when Samsung will release the Samsung Galaxy S5. So evidently, we can begin to think of March of 2014 as the launch period of the Samsung Galaxy S5 in the US and sometime around April of 2014, the hotly anticipated device will hit store-shelves globally.

Traditionally, Samsung Galaxy S5 will be available on Sprint, Verizon Wireless, AT&T;, Tmobile and US Cellular within the 2-months of its launch.

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  • Jags

    Hey Nosa, I really like the idea of 3D camera in Samsung Galaxy S5, however it might just rise the price of the smartphone ever further as I see. Please shed some light.

  • Sybil Patterson

    Samsung is facing more release date pressure on its Galaxy S5 than it previously thought. Less than a year since the Samsung Galaxy S4 was introduced, the Galaxy S5 is already making waves. Thanks for sharing.

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