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$100 PS Vita TV And Lighter PlayStation Vita Announced By Sony

Sony says a thinner and lighter version of the PS Vita is heading to store-shelves. The leader in consumer electronics also announced a PlayStation Vita TV; an innovative and cheap gaming console that is connected to your TV. The revelation happened in Japan.

ps vita price drop

The new PlayStation Vita will come in pink, grey, blue, lime, green, black and yellow colors. It is 15% lighter and 20% thinker than the original version and will have an enhanced battery for more gaming time. It comes with 1GB of storage memory and OLED screen.

The new PlayStation Vita comes with a price tag of $190 (9,954 yen). The PlayStation Vita TV arrives on November 4 in Japan at a sweet spot of $100 (9,954).

The console requires a Dual Shock 3 controller and it isn’t bundled with it, this means you will spend some extra bucks to get it to work but if you already have Dual Shock 3 controller, you can start gaming immediately. Sony says, the tiny console will launch with 1,300 games and allows streaming of PS4 games.

Sony’s hotly anticipated gaming device will hit store-shelves in November 24 (UK) and February 22 for the Japanese markets at a price of 41,979 yen

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