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How To Become A Ghost On The Internet

deleting internet profilesIf you think your life is becoming less productive by sitting on the internet, there is no better time than making a resolve to erase your digital past and become a ghost on the internet. The internet is a lovely place to be but when you can’t strike a balance between productivity and pleasure, you can reclaim your life by making some heavy decisions.

Becoming An Internet Ghost

There are legion of websites you visit daily and before you know it, the entire day has been spent while nothing productive has been achieved. Changing this status quo means making some big decisions and that would start from the four biggest social networks in the world.


how to deactiate facebook accountFirst of all, this is an irreversible action; you are going to wipe all your data from Facebook, even tagged pictures, likes, and mentions would be removed completely. To get rid of Facebook, the process is pretty simple and straight forward.

Now, two things can happen in Facebook, you can deactivate your account and in this case, your data remains in Facebook repository in case you change your mind to re-join the social hub. Account Settings > Security > Deactivate your account.

To delete your account and completely wipe your digital life from Facebook, all you need to do is access the Delete My Account page and click the blue button.

However, you can still have those charitable moments in your images on your hard-drive. Simply access Account Settings > General > Download a copy of your Facebook Data > Start My Archive. This will download those moments and you can have them to yourself forever.


how to delete twitter accountYou are tired of tweeting, mentions and RT life? Twitter makes things less complicated than Facebook. Deactivation of account in Twitter means deletion, so there are no two ways like what available on Facebook. Once you make that choice to erase your digital life from Twitter, you should head over to Twitter’s Account Settings > Deactivate my account.

You will be asked for your password, just to make sure it’s not from a random user. When your password is confirmed, Twitter holds your data for 30-days, just in case you change your mind. Once the 30-days grace period elapses, your entire data would cease to exist on Twitter.


how to deactivate linked accountBeing on the two biggest social networks; Facebook and Twitter would require a special kind of gymnastics to fully harness the potentials of what they bring. Adding Linkedin to it could become more time consuming and bring about less productivity in one’s life. If these are your thoughts, then sacrificing social media for productive life can’t be any easier.

You can pull the plug off Linkedin by simply accessing the Privacy & Settings page from the drop-down menu. You are there right? Now, navigate to Account > Close Your Account. Verify your account one more time and say good bye to LinkedIn and their spam messages. It’s that simple!


how to deactive google plus accountGmail has since overtaken Yahoo Mail as the world’s largest email service and since this is so, there is every possibility that you are already on Google+ without even knowing it. The good news! You can get rid of Google+ which hold the key of your public data life and still retain your Gmail account.

This is very tricky and it’s somehow similar to Facebook. On the upper right corner, Click your name and head over to Account Management > Delete profile and remove related Google+ features > Delete Google+ content. This will wipe your profile, circles and +1s.

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To completely get rid of your Google+ account, perform the same process above but this time you should select Delete your entire Google profile. Everything associated with your Google+ profile would be erased. You will still be able to use Google Drive and Gmail services.

The big one, if you want to completely and totally erase your digital life from Google, Gmail, Google Drive, Calendar and so on, all you have to do is go access your Google Account homepage, click Close account and delete all services and info associated with it. At this point, everything that binds a connection between you and Google would cease to exist.

Getting Busy

using just delete meNow that the four big guns have been taken care of, it’s time to erase every other account that has your data. To do so, there are some services that make the entire process work for you like a charm.

  • Just Delete Me – Whenever you access a website that is under Just Delete Me radar, it will automatically take you to the site’s deletion page where you will have the freedom to erase your profile.
  • Account Killer — It has an impressive database and just like JDM, it will provide you with links to a site’s deletion page.
  • Knowem – This is a very handy service. What Knowen does is to search more than 500 popular sites with your username. Many of the time, you might have forgotten you registered in a site but Knowem can bring that memory and you will be able to eliminate the account and all the data therein.

That’s all about it buddy so the choice now is yours. If you are still on the fence about this, there is an excellent article on how to manage your social life, though it’s specifically relates with bloggers, you too can take the positives out of it.

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