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Top 5 Underrated Games Of Last-gen

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Last-gen gaming started in 2005 and collapsed in 2013, we take a look at some great games which didn’t get enough reception from gamers across the world.

These games had everything to become an instant success, they truly deserved it, but for some reasons, they just didn’t get it. I won’t try to explain why but we will just refresh our memory with some of the great titles that used the capacity of last generation gaming consoles in a remarkable way.

5. Stuntman: Ignition

stuntThe original Stuntman for last two-generations wasn’t all that great but there were improvements over the sequel that was released on the Xbox 360 and the PS3 in 2007. THQ acquired the rights from Atari to publish the game on last-gen consoles, but it is totally in doubt if gamers ever knew of the existence of this game.

It is a trial and error based video game; though I am not a fan but what it brings can be fun at times. You take the role of a stunt-driver who has access to various cars, which you will use to navigate different sets. Obviously, you fail multiple times in attempt to complete the task but once you do, you drive perfectly.

The overall experience is satisfying and exciting. Anyone who wanted a break from the flooded FPS market could easily lay his hand on this.

4. Stranglehold

strI guess this title doesn’t ring a bell to alot of gamers. Stranglehold is one of the best TPS available on last-gen consoles; it was produced by Midway games in corroboration with John Woo and hit store-shelves in 2007. Stranglehold takes us to a whole new level of experiencing the beauty of TPS, it was among the famous games to utilize the Unreal Engine 3.

The story places you in control of Inspector Tequila who is set on a mission to unravel criminal activities in Hong Kong including the disappearance of a police officer. The environment is destructible and finding countless bodies along the way gave the game more life. Special abilities such as being able to zoom in while time slows, gave the character the ability to pin-point a target; a feature perfectly implemented. One of the other unique things about the game is being able to use the environment entirely to your own advantage. Stranglehold was really a class of it’s own but it didn’t just get that special attention.

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3. Dark Sector

dark sectorIn 2008, we received another great game developed by Digital Extremes. That game was Dark Sector; it did a lot of things arguably perfectly. The visual was top-notched and it’s originality of action and weapon-based gameplay was simply fantastic, hence the critical comparison it got between Resident Evil 4 and Gears of War.

Dark Sector is a fictional game and a cool TPS, it has its story centered around Hayden Tenno; a CIA agent whose mission is to intercept a rouge agent Mezer. In the process, Hayden’s right arm is infected with the Technocyte virus which gives him the ability to grow a three-ponged “Glaive” at will.

Dark Sector also has a multiplayer which has only two modes of gameplay; Infection and Epidemic. The game’s success didn’t match the expectation of Digital Extremes. It was hyped to be among the biggest games of this generation; an obvious fact that was never materialized.

2. Demon’s Soul

demonssoulsIs Demon’s Soul the most difficult game I have played in gaming history? I could easily have said yes but after remembering how I dug it out with the original Alone in the Dark in the PS1 era, I might be propelled to think otherwise. Demon’s Soul is a RPG game developed by From Software and Atlus. The game is really exciting and did almost everything differently from conventional video games. The gameplay sits above and beyond all the technical achievements. Without it, we’re left with a pretty game but plays like hell.

With a cutting-edge visuals, Demon’s Souls quickly gained love from game critics all over. Attention to every last detail makes the game breathtaking; each enemy is beautifully drawn and designed, and the vast majority of the environments are meticulously crafted.

1. Alan Wake

alanwakeAlan Wake took over five years to create, an unusually long development time in the game industry. The game wasn’t an instant success but it did receive positive reviews from critics and the likes. It was awarded the first spot in Time magazine’s list of the top 10 video games of 2010. Alan Wake is great; it won’t ever have sales dominance like Halo.

Despite the odds, we must give Remedy Entertainment credits for giving us such an awesome game. Alan Wake gave us something that other games don’t have; narrative story, pacing, and atmosphere. The graphics and visuals is top-notched, the gameplay went along with the carefully organized sounds that placed you right in the middle of the game.

Alan Wake isn’t just your normal game, it has created a brand for itself. Whether or not it receives a sequel remains a misery as Microsoft would have been disappointed with the sales chart despite heavy investment on the IP.

It is thanks to all the developers and publishers who made these games a reality, though you didn’t get what you deserve, your hard-work and zeal to do things outside the box will never be forgotten. In case you didn’t play any of these games; you could still get your hands on any of them. I believe it would be worth every penny spent. That said; what other games do you feel should also fall under the underrated category?

Updated at 2:53PM [GMT+1]: Changed stranglehood to stranglehold.

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  • Axe99

    +1 for Stuntman and Alan Wake, both games that didn’t get the attention they deserved (Alan Wake did reasonably, but should have been one of the best selling 360 games given its quality).

  • Dakan45

    dark sector, the rest…. saboteur ,kingdoms of amalaur bionic commando are far better, same goes for wolfenstein and singularity.

  • Rory Breslin

    It’s not stranglehood, it’s stranglehold. Come on man get the game right at least.

  • born_naughty

    Listen Nosa Ero Nosa, by now I’ve read a couple of your blogs and I want to say I appreciate you’re posts. It’s very hard to find someone who isn’t afraid to express his opinion. Every time you express a negative opinion about a mayor franchise or product you get hasled by all these fanboys and they’ll call you a hater or a lover of Sony/Microsoft or whatever. You’re top 5 overrated games proves you’re a person who’s opinion I can appreciate, even when I don’t agree with it.
    I’m not a fanboy of anything anymore (I used to be a sony fanboy but have had a LOT of problems with ps3, now I have PS3 and Xbox 360 both) but I agree with most of it. Keep up the good work.1

    • Nosa Ero Nosa

      Hello friend, thanks for your kind words. I do hope you the blog can continue to serve you better. Do have a nice day.

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